If you've got a passion for cycling, and you wish to practice it while relaxing among beautiful landscapes bathed by the Sun, then the Costa del Sol is your destination for sport practice. You'll discover unique tracks in ideal temperature conditions. Accommodations, food, equipment, transportation, etc. We've got everything ready for you to enjoy your riding.

Who's Bicyclesleep for?

The BICYCLE SLEEP project is aimed at every kind of rider, ranging from people who just want to experience a different kind of leisure while practicing sport, to professional riders looking for a destination to continue their training in better weather conditions.


BICYCLE SLEEP is not season dependent. It is true that precaution is advised for those practicing outdoor sports during particularly hot days in the summer, but for the most part this problem is addressed thanks to Daylight Saving Time (DST).

Health and wellness

Cycling is an activity that greatly improves your physical condition if practiced regularly. Its promotion can have a great relevance in the improvement of quality of life and public health.

Many reputable studies reveal that cycling is among the most complete and beneficial physical activities in order to prevent back pains, protect the joints and improve the circulatory and immune systems. It also benefits psychological health.