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26,33 km. 992 m. 435 m. No 621 m. 61 m. 01/02/2012 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Beautiful MTB trail starting from Manilva, with final destination Gaucín, located in the Genal Valley, and being one of the towns that conform the Serrania de Ronda region.

61,88 km. 1454 m. 1454 m. Si 357 m. 0 m. 03/10/2013 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Route to Istán by Marbella promenade, ascent by Nagüeles, old mine, Istán road, birth, crossing of roads and return by El Ángel, Puerto Banús, Guadalmina Baja. Very good views from the mine.

23,27 km. 686 m. 686 m. Si 547 m. 12 m. 30/09/2013 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Trail to the ruins of Monte Mayor Castle. The last stretch to the ruins is on foot. Very good panoramic views.

135,3 km. 4372 m. 4372 m. Si 1278 m. 134 m. 19/04/2016 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Challenge to make the complete return to the Sierra de las Nieves covering more than 140 km, 16 hours, + 4,000 meters of positive gradient and ports of more than 1000 m in mtb in a single day.

95,55 km. 2776 m. 2785 m. Si 1057 m. 1 m. 30/04/2017 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Starting in Albayalde, we will look for the height of Istán, to cross a route with high difficulty, returning then to Marbella.

64,78 km. 2534 m. 2534 m. Si 1276 m. 1 m. 19/05/2014 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Great route with start and return to Estepona, ascending to Los Reales de Sierra Bermeja.

88,38 km. 4321 m. 4323 m. Si 1042 m. 210 m. 15/04/2017 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Great tour through the heights and beautiful landscapes of Istán, at the gates of the Natural Park Sierra de las Nieves.

22,03 km. 736 m. 700 m. Si 1149 m. 351 m. 10/07/2011 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Trail starting from the town of Mijas towards La Bola (Center Meteorological), located in Cerro Mijas. It goes through the bottling plant, towards the old quarries.

67,43 Km. 1510 m. 1510 m. Si 678 m. -18 m. 27/08/2014 Watch in Strava Download GPX

Demanding and beautiful trail, especially from Casares to the viewpoint of the Cosalba. There is a long flat stretch, but most of the route has demanding climbs.

55 Km. 934 m. 934 m. Si 397 m. -2 m. 14/10/2013 Watch in Strava Download GPX

This route starts from Estepona using roads, tracks and trails to go to and return to Secadero for the shortest route (there are two other downstream routes to the Guadario River with 10 and 13 kms more approximately).

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